1. $85 /Weapon
  2. $25+ /Minion
  • Turnaround: Up to 45days
Fullbody commission with no backgrounds!
Separate Final Fantasy NPC characters get $150 discount, only means if I can put them up my store!

Armor and patteron complexity are usually included in the price, please provide me with clear fullbody reference for any details.

Physical Standee Option + $100

  • By default, you will get 3 copies in total. Extra copy costs $15 each.
  • Bulk order is negotiable, but it may ask to be considered as commercial price.
  • Product is about 20cm height (8 inch) maximum depending on your characters' height or race.

You may not receive updates of your physical standee until a few months after the art completion depending on my work schedule, holiday and manufacturers. The digital drawings will be delivered within reasonable time frame. (6-8 weeks)

Commission Process

  • Application

  • Submit through google form provided on Twitter/Patreon OR Purchase your slot through Ko-Fi or VGen.
    No DMs are allowed. All communication through Email, if you have question please email me or use my Discord's Questions Channel.

  • Confirmation

  • A confirm email of your request details and estimate will be sent.
    All slots are guaranteed unless it violates my Terms of Service, you may re-apply with a different request.
    1. If submitting through Ko-Fi or VGen, a refund will be issued without further notice.

  • Payment

  • Price in $USD. An invoice will be sent through Stripe or Paypal.
    Stripe checkout will be function as regular credit card checkout. (VISA debit ok)

  • Drawing Period (Regular Type Only)

  • 1-2 WIPs will be provided.
    First rough sketch will allow bigger fixes, please allow 1-2 weeks wait time.
    Color rough will only allow small edits, additional fees will be charged for each change afterwards.

  • Final Delivery

  • Finished product will be sent through the email provided by client.