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Terms of Service

Commission Queue

Please check the Calendar tab for monthly work availability, and reservation.

Gray outComplete ~ Close to completion
TrueWorking in Progress
FalseNot yet started

※Commission open timing are subject to change.


Due to the high level of interest in our latest merchandises, the item you are looking for has been sold out. We are working hard to give you access again as soon as possible.

If you have any questions with the orders please contact us at

Thank you so much for your patience.

Printed Goods

Acrylic Products



Payment PlanBasic Timeline
Negotiation Agreement - $200Must including character reference, pose you want, expressions and your purpose of the model. Be sure to be clear of what you want.
Sketch - 50% down paymentDuring the sketch phase you are allow to change as much as you want, as long as there is no very drastic changes. The more request you have the longer turnaround you have to wait.
Coloring - Full paymentMinor adjustments are allowed such as changing colors, adding scar/face paint etc. But if I have to redraw certain parts I will charge for extra costs.
RiggingDemonstration inside Live2D will be shown, but not with facerig yet. You are allow to make minor adjustments such as mouth shapes. If I have to redo certain parts I will have to charge extra.
Facerig TestingDemonstration inside FaceRig will be shown, I will make a step by step of how to use the rig inside FaceRig with a download of your model file. No model adjustments will happen after this unless the controls are broken.

Vtuber Commission

Terms of Service

  • Price based on complexities.

  • If your character has no visual reference (half~fullbody drawing), design fee starting $550+

  • PNG model includes 1 base expression + 1 reactive expression

Price ChartPNG ModelReady to Rig ModelLive2D Model (Rigging Included)
  • Additional elements / outfits / hairstyle / animal ears/ tails: +$75~300+

  • PNG: Additional Stickers / Props / Hand: +$25~75+

  • Animated Expressions: +$75~300+

Please use my email ✉ to discuss further if you are interested.
In E-mail please include:

  • References of your character

  • Type: Pngtuber / Model only / With rigging

  • Detail of your request: Idle pose / Expression(s) / Expected deadline

  • Budget (optional)

  • Texture Size: 4096 x 4096

  • Turnaround: 30-40 days

  • Rush Price: +50~70%

  • I believe negotiation is the key, and most important part of this commission. Please tell me how you would like the piece as clear as possible.

  • If you would like to have a model update at a later date (want new hair/outfit), you are more than welcome to contact me again.


Shan Hsieh

Character Artist

English┊ 中文┊ 日本語

199- Taiwanese-Canadian
Emily Carr University
British Columbia Institute of Technology

Moving Picture Company (2018 ~ 2020)
Freelance Artist (2021+)


Call of the Wild ┊ Character + Environment Simulation


Virtual YouTuber Faye V Flave様 ┊ Fullbody Model
Clifford the Big Red Dog ┊ Character Simulation


Virtual YouTuber DeadEndDragon様 ┊ Halfbody Model
Virtual YouTuber Hikari様 ┊ Halfbody Model
Virtual YouTuber Yorohu 様 ┊ Fullbody Model
Virtual YouTuber Iszy様 ┊ Halfbody Model
Virtual YouTuber Silo様 ┊ Halfbody PNG Model
Virtual YouTuber Banrie様 ┊ Halfbody PNG Model
Virtual YouTuber Highberry様 ┊ Halfbody PNG Model


Maya (Arnold, Yeti)
Substance Painter/Designer


Store policies

  • Have a question? We're here to help. These FAQ's are designed to better provide an understanding of how to place your order with Glustick.

Ship from:

  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Returns & exchanges

  • All sales of products are final. It is the responsibility of the customer to submit all the correct information upon purchasing. Image colours, lightness, darkness of images are not grounds for a refund. If there is any problem with your product upon recieving, contact me within 14 days of delivery, and ship items back within the following 30 days.

The following items can't be returned or exchanged:

  • Custom or personalized orders

  • Digital downloads

  • Intimate items (for health/hygiene reasons)

Turnaround & Shipping

  • All worldwide shipping flat rate $8~$15.

  • Free shipping over $150.

  • You can expect orders under $50 to be out the door in 2–3 business days (will vary depending on my workload). If you're looking for larger orders, it typically takes a few extra days. Feel free to contact me to receive a more accurate timeline of your products. Make sure to consider transit time. This can be anywhere from 7-14 business days depending on your location and country. You will receive an email with your tracking information the minute your order is shipped.

  • Rush delivery orders may contact me through email.

Can I pick up my orders?

  • Yes! If you're located in the Vancouver area, I am more than happy to meet up with you to save up shipping fees. Feel free to contact me for a location.

Contact Rules

  • All contact and inquiries through email only, might take up to 3 days to respond so please be patient.

  • Please do not under any circumstances DM me on discord or Twitter without my consent.

  • I don't reply to emails during the weekend and late night time

We accept the following payments – Visa, Mastercard and Email Money Transfer. If you'll be picking your order up, we can accept Debit, Visa or Mastercard.


Terms of service

Will do:

  • Original Character

  • FF14 Character (Roe/Hrothgar ok)

  • Anime or cartoon fanart

  • Sexy theme (No private parts/nipples showing)

Will not do:

  • NSFW

  • Version Variations

  • Hyper realistic Human/Animal

  • Offensive/Hateful contents

Copyright rules:

  • Allow to print out a few copies of commissioned piece in physical form for personal use only.

  • Allow to use commissioned piece as social media profile pictures. (credit appreciated)

  • Not allow to use commissioned piece on streaming platforms if the streams are monetized. Commercial price only.

  • Not allow to use commissioned piece on video clips. Commercial price only.

  • 2 characters times 2 of the listed price. ($10x2=$20)

  • All payment through Stripe/Visa/Mastercard, Paypla payment may require 1% fee.

  • I charge characters based on complexities, armor/complex pattern/decorations will cost extra.

  • I do not take requests that are text only. Please have your reference ready otherwise I charge for a design fee

  • I do not take requests from under age of 18.

  • + $150 for private commissions. Commercial orders please contact me through email directly.

  • No refund after the commission is finished, refund is negotiable while working in progress.

  • If you would like to tip me for commissions or just in general, I highly recommend to just follow my Patreon for $2 a month. Otherwise my ko-fi is here.

Contact Rules

  • All contact and inquiries through email only, might take up to 3 days to respond so please be patient.

  • Please do not under any circumstances DM me on discord or Twitter without my consent.

  • I don't reply to emails during the weekend and late night.

Revision Rules

  • I do not accept any changes if it is not mentioned in the initial request/reference. Please make sure to know what you want and carefully fill out the request form. If pose and expression is up to my interpretation, there will be risks of having something you don't like.

  • Only allow changes within 7 days of response unless told ahead of time. If I don't hear back from you after 7 days I will finish your request.

  • Allow up to 2 minor fixes during sketch/lineart phase for free, extra requests will cost $25.

  • Allow up to 1 minor fix after coloring phase, extra requests will cost $45.

  • I do not accept changing reference after the commission starts.

  • Please allow an extra week for me to finish the edit.

minor change: facial expression, color changes, fingers/hands, scars/beauty marks/piercings, etc.
drastic change: hair change, horns/wings, different outfits, different pose

『FF14』Fruit gummy Mini Buttons

$5 USD/set price

Store Policies

Final Fantasy 14 button of Endwalker characters and Natus.
Released in Jan,2022.

  • Themis can be either pair with Natus or Eric!

  • They come in a set, cannot be separated.

  • Mini buttons are 1 inch each.

  • Scheduled to be shipped on: 7 days after order placed.

  • Size:25mm / 1in

  • Material: paper, tinplate

  • Release date: Jan 02, 2022

  • Manufacturer: Six Cent Press.


$3 USD | $10 bundle

Store Policies

Final Fantasy 14 button of Heavenswards characters, Dark Knight questline characters, Shadowbringer characters and Stormblood characters.
Released in AX2018.

  • Scheduled to be shipped on: 7 days after order placed.

  • Size:57mm

  • Material: paper, tinplate

  • Release date: June 30, 2018

  • Manufacturer: Six Cent Press.

『Service』 Standee Commission

$100 USD | preorder

Name of your file

Store Policies

Fullbody Commission to Standee Service.
For existing commissioner ONLY. If you have commissioned me in the past for Sprite commissions, you are welcome to take this chance to make your commission into a standee! If you have any questions regarding of your standee, please contact me.

Extra Floors:

  • Orders will receive 2 copies of the standee.

  • Production time: 2-4 weeks.

  • Two characters commission will only need to pay for a single service price. (ex. Couple standee in the sample) Two SEPARATE character commissions will have to pay the price of two.

StageBasic Timeline
PreorderPreorder Start! If there is any questions regarding your service, I will contact you through email directly.
Mock-Up PreviewI will send you a mockup like shown in the page sample for approval.
Order CloseOrder Close. Any mock-ups will be complete before this date.
ManufacturingI will contact my manufactorer for all the standee orders. The timeline will be vary. If there is any problems with your standee, I will be contacting you around this time too.
Packaging and ShippingThis stage takes up to 2 month after order placed. I will send you a photo of your physical standee before shipping out.
  • Size: 1:6 scale size, lalafell characters will be significantly smaller, male aura characters will be significantly taller.

  • Material: Acrylic

  • Release date: October, 2021

  • Manufacturer: Vograce Inc.

『Original』 T-shirts

$15 USD

Store Policies

Some original T-shirt I have created a few years ago. Still have quite a bit of XL left in stock.

  • Scheduled to be shipped on: 7 days after order placed.

  • Please note that discounted products cannot be exchanged.

Size ChartSMLXL
Body Length28 3/429 3/430 3/431 3/4
Body Width18202224
Sleeve Length88 1/48 1/28 3/4
  • Release date: Summer, 2017

  • Manufacturer: Coastal Reign Inc.

『FF14』 Themis Body Pillow

$50 USD | Preorder

Store Policies

Final Fantasy 14 Body Pillow of Themis/Elidibus.

  • Production time: 2-4 weeks.

  • Scheduled to be shipped on: Late March - Early April

  • Size: Approximately 500 x 1500 mm

  • Material: 2Way Tricot.

  • Release date: Feb 14, 2022.

  • Manufacturer: Vograce Inc.

『FF14』 Sticker Bundle

$2 USD | $5 bundle

Store Policies

Final Fantasy 14 stickers of 4 Shadowbringer characters, Thancred, Y'shtola, Urianger, G'raha Tia.
Released in AX2018.

  • Scheduled to be shipped on: 7 days after order placed.

  • Size: Approximately 100 x 50 mm

  • Material: Vinyl Die Cut

  • Release date: July 1, 2018

  • Manufacturer: Sweet Stickers

『???』 Mystery bag

$5 USD

Store Policies

Mystery Bag for clearance. PLEASE TAKE THEM!!!

Include products:

  • (1) acrylic charm

  • (1) postcard

  • (3) buttons

  • Please note that discounted products cannot be exchanged.

  • Release date: July 30, 2021


Terms of Service

Feel free to use the contact form provided to contact me.

Or you can send your inquiries to: